Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Followers versus Subscribers

What is this "Follow" business? What? What? What is this thing that's hit the blogosphere?

Isn't it exactly like being subscribed, only more public? Perhaps akin to being someone's fan on Facebook, versus their friend - kinda the same...only not really?

In my opinion, the subscribed ones are the real friends.

I find myself now clicking "Follow" on friends' blogs, even though I've already subscribed to every post they write via Reader. But Reader doesn't feed their egos, right? If I subscribe I'm like a silent supporter, as opposed to a little picture tile of glory! I'm happy to ego-feed, if that's what's needed. But I'm afraid to add the Follower gadget, myself. What if you don't click "Follow"? What if you prefer to stay in Reader? But what if you don't use Reader, and you're more likely to Follow...and I'm losing non-Reader-using readers every day? It's like High School all over again!

Perhaps my distaste for the double-up-seemingness of it all has to do with the fact that my Follower count is a tad lower than my subscription number. Or maybe it's that the people who Follow me don't use reader, and so you have to complete an equation to really gauge where my readership's sitting....

F + S + x = R

[Followers + Subscribed + The Unknown = Readership]

x / The Unknown = Bookmarkers / Link-followers / URL-typers / Homepage-makers (too optimistic?)

So, to follow, or not to follow? I sincerely would like to know - what's all the fuss about? Do you like "Following"? Or do you feel similar - you're already following in Reader!
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