Friday, September 25, 2009

I can stand it

Look what I made...

Not the cupcakes, the cake-stands. Okay, I made the cupcakes too, for the cake-stands; the DIY cake-stands I'm boasting about. Well, sharing. I'm not quite as confident about the boasting angle since I heard Haki's reaction to this project (details to follow).

I've always loved cake-stands, and lately I've been hoping to come upon one in a second-hand store. This hope grew stronger each time I saw Nienie's cakestand in the photo backgrounds on her blog. I thought, "Any cake would look good on that."

Then, I came upon the idea of making my own here. I looked for more examples online, and found another goody, and even an online video tutorial. SOLD.

The latest haul of op shop shopping proffered the supplies...

(everything bar the epoxy, that is)

(barrette project also on the go, as you can see from the packet of clips above)

What our kitchen table has looked like on and off for the past two weeks:

Some became gifts...

...and some, I kept. A few others, I intend to smash...the pair under the parenting books, for example - smash-worthy in the end. (Why oh why didn't I put the pedestals the other way around? Look at them? Stupid. /sigh)

THEN came this conversation:

Haki: You're making more?
Angela: Yeah.
Haki: Why?
Angela: Because they're awesome.
Haki: They look like plates balanced on top of cups.
Angela: Oh.
Haki: Sorry honey.
Angela: This next batch will be better. And when there's food on them...well, you'll see!
Haki: We still don't need 7 cake-stands.
Angela: Aw. [pause] I'll give some more away then. But we need at least 4. Okay, 3, and a bowl on a stand.
Haki just shook his head.

Now I guess I'll just have to venture back into the realm of op-shopping in search of plastic lids. My hand has been forced.

NB: The red and white checked cloth beneath the stands (top photo) was also one of my op shop finds. No, it's not ironed....there's no time for ironing when there are cupcakes to stand! Also...wouldn't ironing the cloth to place under the cupcakes I baked just for the photo-shoot of my favourite three stands from my factory line be going a bit far? I mean, up to this point I really reigned in my crafty bones and CNP, right? Also - tonight Haki smiled from the couch when I stood back from the finished display and sweetly said, "They look nice, honey." My heart welleth over.
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