Monday, September 14, 2009

Introducing Esky

I've always known that "Baby E" could not last as a pseudonym forever. And while I'm quite certain our little tot may still rightly be called a "baby", I've long been planning what alias she's to assume on the blog - because plain ol' "E" just isn't cutesie enough...and the initial alone is a tad too hard to follow while reading (for me, anyway, maybe you're all larger-minded).

So, dear readers, Baby E shall henceforth be referred to as "Esky".

Reasoning for using "Esky":
  1. It starts with E.
  2. It is not Baby E's actual name.
  3. When Baby E was born we thought she looked like an Eskimo.
  4. It seems such a waste that the word "Eskimo" - a lovely lookin' word, and fun to say - has fallen out of favour as an answer under the "ethnicity box", and I do believe in recycling, after all.
  5. "Esky" is shorter, and easier to type and say than "Eskimo".'s cutesie.
  6. Haki approves. Sorry honey, that's my thought process order, not the order of how important my points are.
Disagree with Item 3? That's okay, you don't have to think so.

But take a look at what a Google image search produced for "Inuit Baby"...

Our Esky still has her moments...

Could they be sisters? I'd like to think so.

Because surely that would mean I could look through a Googlian magic mirror to see what Esky will look like when she's older by typing "Inuit girl"...

I wouldn't mind.

P.S. I just uploaded the Inuit Baby shot to Facebook in Esky's album, mixed in with other photos of her. We'll see how similar they look when I review the comments underneath! I won't say it is Esky, but I won't say it's not! If you've read this post first, keep it quiet, will ya? Be a part of the experiment! Muahahaha.

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