Friday, September 25, 2009

Latest Haul

As many of you know, I've been working on my thrift-shopping addiction. I'm happy to report that I have not purchased any clothes in the last, what, 6 visits to op shops? It's true.

Clothes, I said.

I even saw a 1966 collector's pair of Charlie Brown and Lucy dolls displayed in a silent window auction...and demonstrated my new restrained self by placing a bid of $15.00 for the pair. (Who was I kidding?) They went for $30.00 each. I asked when I lost.

Out of curiousity, I checked online. Yup, expensive. (Especially considering the only one I could find in the entire online world was to be paid for in US dollars and couldn't be shipped here.)

Well, looks like Esky won't have a cute, collector's pair of dolls.

That's okay.

I voiced the "such a shame" sentiment aloud in the Mosgiel Salvation Army store manager's presence. And what did she say?! "Wait...

...I think we had another one of those come in!"

It defied all odds.

Hello Lucy!

The store manager who informed me of this unbelievable truth was also the one that had disclosed the winning bidder's price for the pair...yet she sold me the first Lucy's dead ringer for $2.00!

(Don't worry, she'll get a goooooood wash. Lucy, that is...not the store lady.)

As if this wasn't enough, I had recently bought a vintage milkshake shaker for a friend who digs milkshake makers, only to have Haki, learn of my gift and say, "Where's ours?" I felt I had failed him. But I also thought the chances of coming upon another $6 vintage milkshake shaker were slim.

I was right.

But I did find this brand-spanking new one with a $30.00 price-tag...

...and managed to barter / guilt-trip the South Dunedin Salvation Army store manager into selling it to me for $20.00. (I see their RRP is $90.00 online. /beam)

And how grand it will be to distribute the bounty of this mixer into my holy grails! (Although one of these has been defiled. I'm debating whether or not to fill y'all in on this. We'll see.)

Other haul highlights:
  • Funky fabric for sewing drawstring bags to enclose the wondrous puppet show and various game pieces and sets;
  • Old cookie tins for storing project supplies;
  • A set of 15 matching jars for $3.00 for the same purpose;
  • Supplies for a somewhat obsessive project that for now shall only be known as "I can stand it"; and
  • This toddler push-car. $2.00. Restoration project details to be posted at a later date.
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