Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me Huuuungry

The Scotty likes food.

A few days ago I sat this before him...

The Scotty looked at the spread before him, assessed its volume, and then scooted back and stretched out his gargantuan arm for a loaf of bread from the kitchen cupboard. Moments later he skipped the scooting and just Inspector-Gadgetted an additional kitchen utensil from its drawer two metres behind him. He even added sound effects and noted the Inspector Gadgetness of it himself.

But back to the bread retrieval...

Me: "You need bread?"

The Scotty: "I'm pretty hungry."

Me: "Oh my."

FYI - for those who care...

He didn't need the bread. He was full and there was still some pizza left on the table.

This is what he had before him:
  • 5 continental sausages;
  • A stack of fresh carrot sticks;
  • A scoop of sauteed mushrooms;
  • A serving of fresh green bean, onion and vinaigrette salad;
  • A bowl of chilli;
  • Two pieces of pizza bread to dip in the chilli;
  • A serving spoon of cheesey creamed corn;
  • 2 cups of rice;
  • A serving spoon of Tikka Masala on top of the rice;
  • A glass of diet Lift (with ice); and
  • An entire apricot, cashew and chicken pizza.
Haki and I ate pizza too.

P.S. No, I do not put on a spread like this every night The Scotty is home. Usually I make a "normal" dinner consisting of four or so things on the plate...I just make about four times what I usually would of those things! This post's night I supplemented the dinner with some left-overs.

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