Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Holy Grails...and My Odyssey

Come on my pretties, work it.

I can't stop talking about these. Or thinking about them. I think it's almost a sin. But I can just see Baby E slurping down a homemade smoothie from one of blessed treaures! Or our family bottoms-upping eggnog together! Boy, do I love 'em.

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself with all the excitement.

Let me explain.

Yesterday, I received this text message: "Are you op shopping?"


I replied, "How did you know?"

Then came the consoling; "I saw you parking beside the Sally's. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me."

I had indeed fallen off the wagon. It's unfortunate, that in this good Samaritan's efforts to keep me op shop-sober, he neglected to note I was not just parking beside Sallies...I was making a work of art of parallel parking (I spell it differently...not sure which I like better, you?). did this happen? Why did I stray? (You know the song?) Valid questions, both.

It started with the taunting. Haki's, that is. "This whole allowance thing is wasted on you" and "When are you gonna spend your money?"

Well, I saw a project online I wanted to completely copy (read about it here). This project required, in my mind, the purchase of some materials I could procure from the forbidden haunts.

I clung to my principles. That is, until I saw it - the new op shop that's opened in Mosgiel. I said aloud to Baby E in her capsule (back seat), "Oh no, this will be the end of me".

We went in. I sought little mini photo albums / small clearfiles (not for another Voucher Book, no no, the PROJECT!) Alas, photo albums there were not.

But I did find...


I intend to scrub this up for Baby E's room. What a find! So vintage! So rad!

And what would her room be, without this...

Can't you just see that up on a bookshelf, keeping watch? Oh yeah!

Isn't it great how having a child gives me so many avenues to satiate my need for bargain-hunting? I don't need to shop for clothes! I can shop for things for heeeeeeeeer. Which brings me to the tin, retro milkshake cups. I bought them because of my vision of how they would delight Baby E. Completely justifiable.

Wouldn't this plate also delight her? Okay!

(Am I promoting CNP with this?)

Would you look at this tray? I was born in the wrong decade I tell you. LOVE it...

...almost as much as those cups.

And then, there's my $12 bookshelf - the possibilities are endless for this scoop! For scale, this almost reaches the door handle. It's the perfect size for emptying out low drawers of brick-a-brack that would otherwise end up in Baby E's clutches...and then nailing it all to the ceiling, right? Am I right?

And then, what is this I spy? A "Help yourself" sign affixed to a box just outside the door. Well, don't mind if I do!

Crepe paper (in four shades)...

A funnel (would you believe I didn't own one?)...

Ring things! Great for future mobiles and whatnot...

...and a bag of stamps! And inkpads! Ah!

For freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? (name that movie!)


Onward, to check mooooore shops for mini photo albums / small clearfiles.

Obstacles sprung up in my path, I tell you! My intentions were pure. It's all for Baby E! Then, whilst fossicking for the babe, I came across the great and terrible $2 rack.

I came away with these:

And that rack was next to the shoe shelf...

Hush Puppies even! Comfortable cute shoes!

I went to pay at the counter, and couldn't resist this little number in a bowl which sat there:

It's a cheque-book holder. 50c - for a lifetime of even bigger grinning each time I retrieve this beauty to write my tithing cheque.

Phew. What a day. Four op shops, loads of walking, and lots of praise for Baby E's head of hair.

Oh, yes, I found what I was after they now live, on the shelf, waiting to be filled in the impending project.

You win Haki, I spent *my* money! Well, not all of it.

[See what became of one mini photo album here]
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