Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The New System

3 years ago...

Angela: What kind of a sytem would I have to put in place to get you to put your clothes away? Because when pretty much all of them are on the floor, it's a sign the current system's not working.
Haki: Well, I hate drawers. I hate not being able to close them, and hate stuff sticking out...the pulling them's all so much effort.
Angela: (I wiped away my instinctive smirk - but his passion about drawers was hilarious!) Would you prefer shelves?
Haki: Yeah, shelves would be a lot easier - then I could actually see what I'm getting at too.

I got shelves.

2 years ago...

Haki's clothes continued to pile up on the floor.

In the mornings, he rummaged through the floor-pile.

Haki: These shelves suck. (Imagine him spitting these words out.)
Angela: But you hated the drawers.
Haki: Shelves would be better if they weren't these shelves. The shelves come loose when I stuff it too full...and they're not deep enough...and the bottom have to bend to get stuff out, it's just annoying.
Angela: Gotcha.

This year...

Haki's clothes = still form a trip-over-me-mound at the base of the bed.
Morning routine = rummage; ask after the location of needed item/s.

I got deeper, fixed shelves.

I put the shelves inside the wardrobe to conceal them...should they be less than orderly. I used two short shelves, so that Haki's dress clothes could still hang above them. But apparently bending was too much to the all-too-familiar mound reappeared.

Angela: I see you have a new system.
Haki: Yeah, you like it?
Angela: No.
Haki: It's pretty much exactly like the old system.

Angela: (I stifled laughter, as his homage to Black Books was truly poetic, and almost had his desired effect; "distract her from her pursuit of bedroom-floor happiness", instead, I mustered a brow-wrinkle and shook it off), Seriously, how can we keep your clothes so that when I crawl out of bed in the early hours to change Esky, for example, I don't have to conquer a hazard to make it safely? I'm carrying her honey, it's dodgey.
Haki: I want to keep all of my clothes...on the floor.

This week...

I called the man's bluff.

Yes, the pile was huge. Haki has a lot of clothes. He says I have more than him...but I'm not so sure.

After 24 hours of experimenting with the purist version of Haki's long-loved system, he gratefully accepted my offer to stack the short (and therefore incredibly inconvenient) shelves on top of each other (already done in the picture, above), and put all of his clothes back, with those used less frequently on the bottom shelf.

Which, I'll be honest, I was dying to do from the beginning.

Every now and then, it just has to be done.

And that, my friends, is what we call "An Afternoon with CNP". Also, more room for my shoes on the wardrobe floor.

NB: Esky looked on from the middle of our bed, as I commentated - justifying my choices as I placed each garment, as well as noting my favour (or lack of) for each item.
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