Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sabbath Amusements VII

What a day!

  • I got to take my camera to church. I am going to call her "Misty" from now on, because she deserves a name - after all, she was in her Sunday best. Why "Misty"? Well, because 47 out of every 50 photos I take are really quite blurry...and 3 are real keepers. I need to learn how to take better photographs. Also, on a side note, "Misty" was the name of my Labrador back on the farm in the U.S. She used to eat her own poo.*
  • Speaking of bodily a little girl from nursery made her way out of the chapel, onto the lawn, and then proceeded to squat and whiz right there, on the spot. Bummer that she didn't pull her tights or knickers down first.
  • The chapel library has had a big clean out. I was headed that way to get some photocopying done for my Sharing Time, and I came upon a tower of old Ensign issues (a church magazine). My project-loving heart swelled. I could see a lot of quiet books and Mod Podge jar and tin lids in their future. I could see many, many things. They are now destined for "Project Day" at my house...Tuesday.
  • Today, for the attention activity during my Sharing Time, I put on a finger puppet show. Oh yes, I did. The lesson was about Alma the younger. I was given some beautiful puppets. Most of them are animals. And so my puppet show was rather "colourful".
Meet Alma (the elder):

And his son, Alma:

(who was sour like a gherkin, at the start...whaddya know, *he* looks like a pickle too!)

And who would Alma the younger be without his ratty gang? That's right, the sons of Mosiah...

Don't forget the angel!

(Yes, that is a farmer finger puppet wearing a tissue - work with me here.)

Ah...puppet shows, how I love you.
  • At one point in the show I put the wrong puppet on my finger! Ah! "Wrong Alma!" the audience cried! I then excused the puppet to "go toilet in the woods" before the angel came...and upon Alma the younger's return, he explained he sometimes gets mistaken for his father...phew!
  • Another highlight - watching the kiddilicks show they really had internalised the story and its message - the juniors through their puppetry (with the same puppets I had used) during the third verse of "Book of Mormon Stories", and the seniors through how quickly they put together a storyboard of Alma's repentance.
  • I invited the seniors to liken the story to their lives, and improvise a puppet show of their own set in 2009. I should have known when I selected 3 boys as puppet-masters that the narrative would stretch to accommodate a fight scene. /shaking head. Seriously though, their application was impressive! A boy called Bob was going to his friend, Pig's house, and Bob's mother didn't know a lot about Pig. While there, Bob was rough-housing a little too much, and came home with a black eye. Bob's mamma prayed that Bob would be more careful in his choice of friends. Not bad, huh? My favourite part: When one of the boys found that the Pig puppet was slipping, he excused himself to "go toilet" so he could re-jigger the puppet "backstage". I love Primary. Oh, I videoed the seniors' show, by the way...may post it here...just may...
  • After church I skidaddled - over to the same home where I received the spelling lesson of last week. I was in search of antihistamines for Haki - who is a-run with all the pollen about. One of the twins let me in and led me into the dining room. Jen said, "I just knew it was you. There's this feeling that comes along with you - I could just feel you were here!" Then her husband, Darcy joined us, and said, "Heya Ange! I knew you were here, I could smell you...your hair stuff, or perfume...or whatever". I'm glad he qualified that statement, because I was *this* close to tucking my chin in and over to give my underarms a sniff. This same family gifted me the Puppet Theatre. I love them. A lot. And not just because they bought my love with a really cool Puppet Theatre...but also because they bought my love with compliments.
  • Nothing on this list comes close to the feeling I had when Baby E's "Mmmm...mmm...mmm" turned into "Mum-mum-mum" today. I don't care if she doesn't know what it means. If I come runnin' enough times when she says it, she'll get the idea, and then she will be saying my name. Heart = melted.
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