Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spelling Lesson

Tonight I attended a potluck dinner for a sweet lady's birthday.

While there, I took a stint of drink-pouring for the troops - duties included writing drinkers' names onto their cups.

I was about to write the name of a certain seven-year-old onto his cup...(let's call him, "Wolfgang"), when he said, "But what if you spell my name wrong?"

I smirked, "Oh, I'm pretty much certain I won't be spelling it wrong".

"Oh yeah? How do you spell it?"

Seriously? Is this kid takin' me on? Bring it! "W - O - L - F - G - A - N - G," I smiled as I wrote.

I jumped a little when he cried, "Wrong! W - O - L - F - G - A - N - G - R - O - C - K - S."

Seven, I tell you.
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