Sunday, September 13, 2009

Teeny Weeny Orangey Polka Dot Strapeeny

It's hard to post when you're lost inside the world of project blogs, I tell you. Swallowed me up, they did! I now find myself panting with need for fabric scraps, glue, and things demanding I apply both of these things to their surface, liberally.

I decided I would conquer the world one project at a time. Beginning with this loverrrrly idea...

Like my camera strap?

Me too. Now when I retrieve my camera (which I do, so very often), I giggle a wee bit...and I like it.

Other points of note:
  • This idea is 100% copied. It's not all. I saw it, wanted it, and did it! You can see this same idea again here, here and here, and well, lots of places...I'm just slow to join the fun parade. Here she's even used pretty much exactly the same ribbon.../blush.
  • Other people make better ones. I sewed this straight onto the existing opposed to making a cover, ironing it, and then sliding it on (that's so much effort, right?). I'm comfortable with my semi-permanent method. Don't look too closely at the stitching and its lack of straightness.
  • You just had to go and look, didn't you? I'm not a seamstress, okay? I'm the girl who made reeeeeally cool things in sewing class...and then went home, attempted to replicate what she had learned, and discovered no one was around to come and unjam her machine when she flung her arm up for assistance. I miss sewing teachers. All of them.
  • Fortunately I've found Jasmine - who, in addition to being fun to beat at board games, fun to talk to, and the mother of Baby E's future also crafty. Not crafty in a wiley, cunning sort of way (okay, maybe a little), but crafty, as in, she is my partner in crime when it comes to projects...and my sewing machine provider/unjammer/friend. She may say it's my fault that she's become all re-vamping and re-inventlike (like my little project minion, muahaha), but really, she's the one that saves my sewing (even by hand) from turning into a big ball of cotton that looks like tumbleweed.
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