Sunday, September 27, 2009

When we're helping we're happy

Today when I woke up I knew that Esky and I were not going to church. This realisation settled upon me somewhere between pulling my anvil-head up out of bed to change Esky's 5am mustard explosion and when I began weighing up the convenience of hoicking my throat contents into her removed nappy.

We were going to stay home.

This is because we're responsible humans - the type of humans that know when they're too sick to mix with other humans for fear of spreading their phlegminess and/or exchanging ailments while their immune systems are low (can you tell I don't like it when other people go out when they're sick?).

When I informed Haki of this decision, he entreated two things in response;
  1. "I'm proud of you, honey." (Because, for a very long time, I have been known to be one of the other types of people...the type that think it's somehow admirable to "troop on through" illness - get out, do everything you normally would, and thereby, spread the misery. Furthermore, church, in particular, has been something I would miss at no cost. NO LONGER - I've had enough of being sick and sharing it around. There is no honour in going fact, it's rude.)
  2. "I'm staying home too." (He then went on to explain something to the effect of how he could then look after his two sick girls; how he could nurse us. I suspected this was coming. I suggested he still attend his church meetings. He insisted he would remain to be of service. I became excited about the prospect of him attending to our now very-awake-all-day baby while I caught some extra shut-eye. I quit suggesting he leave. Yay, for having a willing, loving, sincere husband with a desire to serve and nurse those he loves!)
Apparently this is what serving and nursing loved ones looks like:

And this is what it sounds like:

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