Saturday, October 10, 2009

Central Perks

This week Esky and I accompanied Haki on an overnight trip to Central Otago, making deliveries en route and on return. It was the company's treat - I think the lovely people we work with envisioned us strolling sunny streets hand-in-hand and sampling ripe fruit in the down-time.

Turned out there was no down-time.

Our family may have worn matching seatbelts for 85% of the hours away, but that is not to say the trip lacked lustre...

Oh contraire!
  • We enjoyed hours of family sing-along to an EFY album on repeat. I was repeatedly treated to Haki's remixes, as his memory failed him in the lyric department...even after he would say, "Oh, I know this one!" Nope, nope, you really don't.
  • Esky sat in a swing for the first time.
  • I saw five children racing bottle caps down a stream. One cap was called "Chester".
  • Having slept-in, virtually to the motel's check-out time, I got to later give my face a once-over with one of Esky's wipes in a small-town library and call it a shower.
  • By this logic, Esky's swing-ride wasn't the trip's only first; I was breast-feeding during that shower, and in a small-town library no less. How's that for a sentence to boast about? Eh? EH?
  • We drove by stunning backdrops of snow-capped peaks, burgeoning rivers, and springing lambs in weeping willow-filled fields.
  • I didn't buy a single item from any of The Salvation Army stores I spied. Even the one I entered after spying a cheap stroller I could "test" to relieve my bloodless, babe-toting arms - one of many, many tactics I've employed when buggy-less.
  • Quoting, "Are you from the past?" and "Goo eway...reyd siem beocks!" over and over just got funnier. Long car rides'll do that.
  • I got to stuff ciabatta rolls with silverside and avocado in my lap, pass one to Haki, and call them lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner.
  • I drank in the smell and sight of the two most precious mortals in my universe for 48 hours straight. For the most part the smells were good.

Trip's biggest disappointment:
  1. None of Haki's over-tired alter-egos made an appearance; when Haki feels drowsy while driving, there's no need for a driver-reviver stop - oh no! He just commences a 2/3-hour long monologue in character, with an accent. I'm so accustomed to Baza (a brazen Australian, overly fond of the word, "Jeepers"), Cletus (a hick who likes to say his own name), or Gary (a game-show host) joining us for the ride home, it seemed someone was missing on our return journey.
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