Friday, October 16, 2009

Esky, the Teething Chatterbox

Esky is almost five months old now. And she has teeth. Two of them.

I knew they were coming, even though people said it was early. After all, she started drooling like an old, senile cat - only not old or senile. She's a little like a cat though - as she grooms her hair and forehead with her paws when she's sleepy. And she sporadically took up what I call her "pain whimper" - which I first encountered after her 6-week immunisations, and confirmed at the 3-month jabs. If those clues weren't enough, she stopped sleeping for more than a 30-minute stretch, began gnawing on on all of creation, (as opposed to sucking all in reach), and when I applied pressure to her bottom gum with my finger, she was immediately soothed. Personally, I think our little ones deserve a fairy visit for getting these things.

Other developments of note:
  • Back-scooting has begun - she pumps her little leg and slides - that is, until she encounters an obstacle...even if it is in the form of a parent swooping in to save her crown from carpet-burn.
  • She can pass things back and forth between her hands...
  • well as back and forth between her hands and the floor. Yes, that game has begun.
  • Esky's Blue Steel is "The Hide". Whether peeking over her dad's shoulder, waking in the morn, or exchanging smiles from her carseat, Esky likes to dip her chin and twist her head away after being made happy. Often when I talk to her, sing to her, or even whisper her name, she plays bashful, and tucks her grin out of sight.
  • A daughter after her own mother's voicebox, Esky tends to vocalise. Even when her mouth is full of hider, or when she's falling asleep (to the final moment of stillness, she can coo and sigh aloud), or in the direction of inanimate objects (including the mobile I feared she didn't love...but turns out she really, really does). I get joyfully weepy in the mornings as I form a seat-back with my thighs and perch her on my stomach - as she can hold quite the conversation in vowels. Even her sighs are audible...not breathy, wind-filled sighs, but all-out sounds. I love it.
  • Speaking of hider-mouthfuls - Esky has become quite the distracted one - popping on and off to survey the company and surroundings, or just to flash her mother a smile. Sometimes sweet, other times just a whole lot of unwanted boob exposure.
  • While cradled in arms or lap-sitting, Esky loves to play catch'n'evade with her hand. She'll lay her hand on my palm, anticipating the catch, and then I when I enclose her little chubby fingers in mine, crying, "Gotcha!" she giggles. That, or I catch her little nippers in my mouth - either way, she's entertained...although we're still working on the evade part. This game never gets old I tell you. Don't pretend you've grown out of it. I still try to lay a pen in Haki's hand and evade before he catches me. I win a lot, I might add. I'm a speedy minx.
  • The previous two bullets are often combined. While feeding she will stretch up her arm to play catch'n'evade with her hand to my lips. Each time I "nom" on her nails she opens her gums wide and smiles.
  • I miss her when she sleeps.
  • I believe an actual conduit opens from heaven as a child falls asleep, looking at you, smiling, while you sing.
  • I've realised each milestone is exciting and sad at the same time - I'm in no hurry for my infant to become a girl. Oh, how I hope I get to do this again.
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