Thursday, October 1, 2009

Plan yourself a merry little Christmas

Late last night my sister sent this email;

Hi everyone,

I've made a list of possible things to do over the Christmas holidays. Feel free to veto or second any of these (Nat's already vetoed all the museums, but I've left them on there, just to have all the possibilities listed).

Staglands I
Nga Manu
Mini Golf I
Driving Range I
Round of Golf
Swimming Pool I
Skate 'N' Blade I
Shopping at post-Christmas sales I
Op shopping I
Talent show I
Magic show I
Waikanae museum
Southwards Car Museum
Te Papa
Wellington Maritime Museum
Basketball I
Berry picking I

Can anyone think of anything else? Does anyone want to make a plan of what/when we'll do things or just wing it?

I personally think the talent and magic shows are a must.

I'm also going to make a list of possible meals, so if anyone wants to eat anything specific email me and I'll compile a list. You could also email me things that you want to be at Christmas dinner and I'll put together that list as well.

I know we're still a while away but since I'm all in the mood we also need to decide where everyone is sleeping. Any preferences?

Love you all! In case you can't tell I'm a bit excited about it all.


I first put a stroke (I) next to all of the activities I think it would be great to fit in. (I would have loved to insert a tick, but many of the family members read Plain Text and so it wouldn't display. /Tapping my temple - I'm a thinker.)

But really, will they fit in amongst all that I have planned?
  • Lay in the sun
  • Hold hands with Erika and/or Mariah on the couch
  • Sit on the deck swing with Austin
  • Clap with Jemima on the floor
  • Watch a movie with Jer and talk about it for 30 minutes, after he’s woken up
  • Squeeze Mackenzie
  • Whisper sweet somethings in Haki’s ear
  • Attempt to hug Theo
  • Play with Taminime
  • Snuggle J-dog
  • Smooch Sadie
  • Win Acquire
  • Swim in the river
  • Reclaim Esky from Yvonne’s clutches so I can smell her
  • Eat until everyone else feels sick and I feel peachy
  • Take pictures of Mom asleep on the lazy-boy
  • Try and find J-mischief
  • Play Haki in Stratego
  • Reorganise the games hutch
  • Go through my boxes of stuff that are still stored in my old room; throw most of it out
  • Visit Jessie’s grave
  • Tell Mom and Dad I love them lots of times a day
  • Visit the temple (maybe with Kylie?)
  • Assess the quality of the white Christmas lights’ arrangement; if they're not yet up, rectify the situation immediately
  • Play a practical joke on Nattigan (sleep with one eye open, buddy)
  • Tell Tim about the joke I played on Nat
  • Raid the treats stash
  • See if I can still tickle Erika until she has to pee
  • Play with Mariah’s hair
  • Scan in childhood photos
  • Play the piano I grew up with
  • Pet the horses
  • Tease Erika about being afraid of the horses
  • Play Snaps, Telethon, Black Magic and Crossed/uncrossed
  • All of this, whilst photographing Esky’s every breath
So you see, Mary-Lou, I'm just not sure how we can fit all those trips out of the house in...when I have so much to do on site! Plus, all of my things are free.

P.S. You're not the only one looking forward to Christmas. That said, I in no way endorse the Christmas displays already springing up in retail-land. /Shaking head.
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