Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sabbath Amusements VIII

Paula knew this was coming. My reports on Primary antics have become such a routine that now the music leader just looks my way after one of the kids says something, smiles, and sometimes even adds, "I'll be reading about that later" or, "That just made the blog."

Today was no exception.

I watched the youngest member of the group, only 3, making earnest efforts to participate during the warm-up scales. I celebrated inside - he may not be in tune, but he's involved! Let's call him Rogan. After the set finished, Paula looked at the group, wearing melodramatic disappointment for effect, "What was wrong with that?!"

Almost every child present turned and pointed at the 3-year-old newbie; "Rogan!"

Sharing Time was about revelation from prophets - ancient and modern. The sister teaching held up an image of an old, grey man standing above a group of people, arms up, exhorting the people. An ark is clearly being constructed in the background. "Who is this prophet?" she asked the group. A sweet young lad put up his hand and offered, "Moa!"


The group were brainstorming revelation and instruction received in the latter-days. Revelation pertaining to home food storage, growing a garden, and the Word of Wisdom all featured in the discussion. The sister teaching added, "We've also been told to avoid debt. What's debt?"

One of the children explained, "It's when you owe people money."

"That's right, debt is when you owe people money."

A boy - who shall be known as Roo (7) - piped up, "What's debt?" (This scenario is always funny to me - the child who asks something that has just been explained. In this character's case, I suspect him displaying a face drawn on his stomach played some part in his distraction.)

The teacher politely answered, "Well, one example of debt is when you borrow money to buy something that costs a lot, like a house. Sometimes debt like that can't be avoided."

I looked to Roo's face to see if that illustration had been helpful. It scrunched up as he formed the words and exclaimed, "Noooo! We just rent!"

And there we were, avoiding terms like "mortgage" and "hire purchase" in favour of dumbed-down expressions like, "borrowing for something that costs a lot." When will we learn?
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