Saturday, October 17, 2009

So, my secret is out. Hello, Cat!

People often say to me, "I just don't know how you have the tiiiiime [for blogging]". Sadly, this is not said in a tone of admiration, but rather one of disapproval - as though my life is so bleak that I need to fill it with a geeky hobby or nine out of desperation.

I usually answer politely that I make time because I enjoy it. I've also realised lately that, in addition to the many, many reasons I'm a blogging advocate, posting and reading posts is one of the ways I feel on top of things. It's worth making the time.

But if we're being completely honest...I don't spend as much time as they think I do. Or at least, as frequently.

You see, I don't blog as often as my posts appear. I don't. Nope nope nope. I dedicate one morning of the week to churning out a week's worth (or more) of posts (at my insane typing speed, I might add), and then set them all to appear on future dates. Done. Tick in diary.

At any other time, if I think of something I want to write about, I just open up a Notepad document that's saved on my desktop titled "Blog Posts" and tap in a few notes for "Blog Morning" - and then carry about my day. (Notepad is preferable, fyi, as copying and pasting the notes into Blogger later from here doesn't import unwanted code, which Word and other programmes will do.)

This cat came leaping out of its bag because I began receiving phone calls, emails, and text messages of concern when my posts fizzled out over the past week or more, which in turn led to multiple confessions, including this one. I have been busy, really busy...busier than normal, but the fizzling is more fizzley due to this secret; I haven't missed a week or so full of morning-blogging - I've missed one morning of blogging for a week or so of posts. Without knowing my secret, things seem a little more dramatic, methinks.

I guess you could still say the slow-down's an indication of something not quite right; I could have made any morning that morning, and I felt my notepad list was becoming a joke. And the past little while things have been a tad off-kilter.

But I'm back and on-kilter, and loving it. Call me "Stella".

P.S. I wrote this post on Friday. Why stagger them? Have you never visited Reader or a site to find 12 posts appeared overnight, and thought, "Darn you!"? I have. What is with these bulk-posting shenanigans? That's right, - I'm talking to you! Can't...delete...subscription...but can't keep up!
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