Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two's Company

When one gets overloaded, one often gets run-down. And when one gets run-down, one often gets sick.

I've been sick for the past week. So has Esky.

Being sick hasn't been all bad.

Reasons why:
  1. Flowers. Thank you Haki's bosses.
  2. Treats. Sadly, no photos are available of treats at this time. Or any time, ever. Maybe I could photograph treats' wrappers? (Thanks Daphne, Sue and Bev.)
  3. Snot bubbles. Esky doesn't blow them any other time.
  4. Pyjama days; suddenly justified. Also, Esky gets to dress in Peter Rabbit marshmallow ones, otherwised deemed too puffy and warm for this spring weather.
  5. Sneezes. Esky's sometimes produce snot bubbles, while mine produce Esky's giggle.
  6. Rule-breakin'. I can eat the treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  7. Nap bliss. When Esky finally slept for more than a 2-hour stretch, I got to join her, curled up together in our bed...which is normally a little naughty (she should be in her own bed). But we're sick. See point 6.
  8. Lost. I finally got to watch the fifth season, on my new laptop, in bed.
  9. Husbands. I'm lucky enough to have one - and a goody at that. He carried the munchkin off into the living room one morning so I could snatch some much needed sleep after a wakeful night of a feeding / coughing / pooing / cheerful / snotty baby. He's also kind enough to help me eat the treats.
  10. Esky. What can I say? It is horrible to hear Esky's chest rattle, see her eyes red, and know her throat hurts because mine does; to hear her coughing up phlegm and know exactly what it tastes's also magical to see her gleefully bouncing in her Jolly Jumper and initiating peek-a-boo, snot bubbles 'n' all - such a trooper.
I think I'm almost back at 67%...which means tomorrow I'll be a hundy...and Esky should be drinking in good antibodies to follow along thereafter. Bring on Friday night festivities in good health!
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