Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wederrandsday Delights

Yesterday was an errands day. I like errands days. As it turns out, errands days like me too, because they just keep on spitting out delightful moments. I'll share 5.

Top on the "to do" list - a visit to our Sci-fi storage unit. Here I was to drop off some of Esky's outgrown clothing, and re-fill our sugar tin and flour container from our giant food storage canisters. I'd like to say that I keep them in the unit so that they're not with us on the flood plain and it's all a master plan, but really, it's because we lack room in our current apartment to keep all of our year's supply with us. The other reason would be so much weirder...and therefore cooler.

I don't know how or why, but en route to the next errand, the sugar decided to leap out of its tin.

Delightful moment number 1:

It went into the seatbelt-clicker-inner-slot, into the cup-holders...

...and pretty much everywhere.

I chose to laugh; there really is no use crying over spilt sugar. Especially since my already-scheduled next errand was a visit to Mr Clean to vacuum out Thimba. How often does one spill sugar all through a car (not often, right?)...but wait, how often does one spill sugar all through a car AND have a plan to vacuum the car as the next thing on the list already? ALREADY!? I win, pesky elves assigned to dampening spirits! I win!

Esky slept through most of the car's grooming, but when she did wake, she was more than content, so long as I narrated my CNP actions.

Delightful moment number 2:

I went to collect a freeeeeeeeee pack of lightbulbs from Countdown to replace one I'd purchased months ago which contained bulbs that didn't work. I still had the necessary reference number from the customer service response I received, written in my magical diary with a circle still next to it of course; "Get free bulbs - #". The reference number still worked. Cha-ching!

When I returned to the car, I saw the ute adjacent to my park had brought along the family pet. Aw.

And it wasn't a dog.

Delightful moment number 3:

There was a litter box of sawdust on the floor. I was mighty tempted to wait to see who would come out and insert a key into the rough'n'tumble, manly ute with the DIY-sawdust litter box...and kitty...but errands day waits for no one! I decided imaging the owner ushering the cat into the ute was enough. (You slap your knee for a dog...but do you call, "Here, kitty kitty"? to get this feline friend along for a sup stop? Or is there chasing involved?)

Delightful moment number 4:

I stopped to check Spotlight for supplies for my biggest project yet, and also found all the rub-on letters for Esky's name on special - bonus. AND...


For scale, these are a much bigger than mugs. There are, however, no handles inolved in this affair. I could have put a mug in the picture so you could see just how big they are, but none are worthy. I can just see our kids (future imaginings - I have them) sucking down milk from these, and the top of the cups' circumference covering all of their face while they gulp. Stripey, Coney Island giant non-mug cups are awesome. They almost make me feel better about what happened to one of my prized grails. Almost. I'm still not ready to talk about it.

Haki has decided I have a cup fetish.

I am stopping to think about that.


Delightful moment number 5:

I lined up an afternoon chatsky with a friend, and she picked the cafe - a cafe I have previously visited. I found their iced chocolate disappointing. I decided I would play greasy with the waitress and see how far it got me. Well, if buttering up the waitstaff to get awesome service was measured in bases, I totally made it to third. Okay, maybe a home run. There was an epic amount of syrup in my iced choc...and our "standard", no frills wedges on the menu came with bacon, capsicum, chives, sour cream and who knows what other wonderful things...because I worked it.

Oh yeah. Delightful.

Icing on Wederrandsday's cake? All this, and I got to have Esky for company! Life is good.
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