Friday, October 30, 2009

When it comes to fingernails, short is better

Because they...
  • are not high maintenance - time- and money-wise;
  • don't break and lead to pain;
  • are better for playing the piano and guitar;
  • don't collect grime and make you look like a bum when really you showered an hour ago;
  • are allowed on the basketball and netball court;
  • don't accidentally scratch other humans;
  • don't bend in a way that makes you cringe when you open a soda can;
  • make your hands look cooler;
  • discourage you from picking at things you shouldn't;
  • don't make that icky click-clack sound when you drum your fingers on a desk; and
  • Esky's case, they don't cause you grievous bodily harm.
The only thing I can see going for long nails at this point:
  • You could use your pinky nail to grab pesky boogers up your baby's nose.
I welcome you defending your talons, ladies. Men...don't even try - unless you're in a coffin, you shouldn't have those things.

P.S. Avocadoes are yum.
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