Monday, October 26, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Haki and I were invited to a costume house-warming party Friday with the theme, "Famous Couples".

We decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

Wait, something's not quite right.

Yes, I was the Big Bad Wolf, and Haki was the "Not So Little Red Riding Hood"...

But apparently I didn't look very "Bad".

Craig (taking the photo): Ange, look fierce!
Me: I thought that's what I was doing.
Craig: No, look fierce!
Me: Like this?

What can I say, Craig just didn't inspire me. He's not my muse.

My dad informs me it's really not very becoming of us as Mormons to cross-dress. Well, I guess there's always next time to be appropriate and predictable.

Seriously though, I feel a little guilty now.

Other points of note:
  • I wish we had a "Woods" backdrop for our photo shoot.
  • I wish we had a photo shoot.
  • In the car on the way home to get dressed for the party I sang, "If you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise!" over and over to Esky. Not the whole song, just that line...the rest really doesn't apply. Teddy Bears! Pah!
  • Matthew pointed out my costume lacked a tail. For the rest of the evening I attempted to disguise the fact that I felt rather sheepish by taking the opportunity to dance publicly while in disguise. Not So Little Red Riding Hood laughed muchly.
  • When I picked up one of Craig and Kate's girls to dance with her at my hip, I instinctively patted her back to burp her. She is 2.
  • I was still sick. But not sick enough to keep me away from these festivities, oh-ho no!
  • The plastic parts of a wolf costume are just liquid catchment areas. It's pretty messy. And by that, I mean your every breath causing condensation in the mask...and your hands become clams.
  • Not so Little Red sure can shake her toosh....but as for knowing how to sit appropriately in a skirt...not so much.
  • Other couples Haki and I considered: Frodo and Sam (Esky could have been a bag of POETAYTOOOOS!), King Kong and Fay Raye, Edward and Bella, Salt and Pepper and...
  • Like a little 6-year-old, Haki kept insisting he dress as Spiderman. I gave him my squinting, "I don't think so face" as I looked from him, to the tight-fitting blue and red number suspended on the coat hanger. The lady that worked at the costume hire place broke the news to Haki; she wouldn't be letting him try it on, and that she was fairly certain he'd split a seam. Haki spent the rest of the time we were inside muttering, "It would have fit" and "Can we go yet?" Who wants to go as MJ, anyway?
Some of the other couples' costumes (respectively):
  • Paula and Dave = Bella and Edward
  • Amee and Phill = Sister EncarnaciĆ³n and Nacho
  • Matthew and Jasmine = Sonny and Cher - you've got to read her post about this
  • Craig and Kate = Someone cloaked and someone in a pretty dress (hahahaha)...okay, apparently they were Eowyn and Faramir, but ah, Craig forgot to get a wig, so really, it was just a pretty lady in an old-style dress and a wannabe Sith Lord.
  • Manu and Fiona = Shrek and Princess Fiona
  • Deanna and The Scotty = Bonnie and Clyde
  • Constance and Roland = Laurel and Hardy

P.S. Oh yes, that's right, The Scotty is listed in a couple. Huzzah for The Scotty and his blooming romance!

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