Thursday, November 19, 2009

Esky Eats

Tomorrow Esky will hit the official 6-month mark, and this week we've been introducing her to a few new friends; "Avocado" and "Carrot" are their names. These first foods generated sour-lemon responses...but she just kept on eating anyway. Well, they're her first foods if you don't count the time I let her chomp and lick my Mallowpuff...or the day my rebel-without-a-cause dad gave her some carrot cake - literally behind my back, while seated right next to me (he is sooooo lucky I had already corrupted her)...or that one time I gave her a fleck of mashed 'tater off my plate...ignoring thoooose...avy and carrot are her first foods. They're definitely the first time I sat the gal down with a bib and set to it.

Esky's growin' up.
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