Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Esky's first Guy Fawkes

Saturday night we went to a bonfire at a friend's place in Taieri Mouth.

I resurrected the Moby to snuggle my munchkin / possum-in-the-headlights.

How I've missed that blessed piece of fabric!

We'd been at the bonfire's side for no longer than 5 minutes before Haki demonstrated an impressive knack for honing in on the best marshmallow-roasting stick and nabbing it. I wasn't complaining...oh-ho nooooo. Double time!

Finger-lickin' goodness.
...and trippiness.
That's what I get for giving my camera to one of the YSAs...with all of the settings as they should be for the previous shot (outside, in the dark, with fireworks going off at high speed - c.f. nature of this shot).

Personally, I think it's a happy accident...

...while this, on the other hand...

...is what you get when you give the camera to Haki with the mission; "Here, you take some shots, okay?"

I checked the memory later.

There are three shots of this - the BBQ of food he salivated over (provided for the YSAs) - and nothing more. Thanks hon'.
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