Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Linguistic Bone-picking on Tuesday II

"Brought" and "bought" are different words. Very different. If you are one of the humans that does not know this is the case, I do not think ill of you...but I do feel a squirmy, uneasiness inside every time you use them interchangeably. Granted, now and then both words may be true...but in most cases, it's one or the other folks.

Bought = you purchased it
Brought = when you bring something (past tense)

This is not to say I do not make errors in my speech or writing (I do, oh, how I doooo), but I must say this is one I've never made...and yet I hear it regularly.

Examples needed?

Squirmy insides-inducers:
"I bought dessert with us."
"I brought it yesterday, from that place down the road."

Ah, you get it:
"I brought dessert with us."
"I bought it yesterday, from that place down the road."

Uncommon, flukey, use-whatever-you-want sentence:
"I bought/brought this" (holding up a new thing you've carried in with you that you ALSO just purchased)
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