Monday, November 9, 2009

One Man, Me and a Baby - Brothers = Gone

My brothers-in-law left Saturday.

I miss them.

But I get the whole - "We have our own wives and families" thing.

Highlights from the rest of the week:
  • The weather. Every day of their visit brought another serving of scrummy sunshine. The lads seized every opportunity to absorb the rays. Here they are enjoying homemade smoothies from the Holy Grails. Note the sunny attire and empty clothes-airer. That's right - the clothes were drying as fast as I could hang 'em!

  • Outdoor shenanigans. Sunny weather meant we could play outside. This meant the gents got to go flying (taking aerial photographs - part of the business-side of their trip), we got to play some tennis and visit some sites (like Baldwin St), and Haki had two companions for a driving range visit. As usual, the brothers displayed a fancy for photography; and posing...
  • Playing more games - including Knucklebones - where Tim pretty much cleaned up. Is it really a game when one player can jockey all five on every level? Really? Games also proved to be a forum for Haki and Tim to make simple things complicated. New bullets? Okay!
  • Haki's drawing while playing Cranium:
  1. Haki draws the flower.
  2. I say, "Flower".
  3. Haki taps the flower. (Please see dots, above).
  4. It being late, I say "Flower" again...instead of naming flowers.
  5. Haki looks frustrated.
  6. Haki begins drawing the duck people.
  7. I cry, "Duck people! ... Girl Duck!"
  8. Haki draws the sun and star, and crosses out the star with vigour.
  9. I say, "Day!"
  10. Haki looks excited.
  11. I figure I'm onto something.
  12. Haki draws the face and line of sight.
  13. I respond, "See! See!"
  14. Haki bounces the pen back and forth between the sun and the line of sight illustrations.
  15. I repeat, "Day - - - see"...and then,
  16. The penny drops as I look at the flower (which I'd long since forgotten)...and the duck lady...and so the solution is given: DAISY.
  17. I decide Haki should have tapped the flower longer - all of those peripheral drawings made me think it was tricky. Or maybe a tulip crossed out and the daisy circled so I knew my husband drew a very basic-looking (daisy-like) flower with a purpose?
  • Nat's charades (all of them) were a definite highlight. For example:
  1. We decided to invent our own things to act out.
  2. Nat is up.
  3. Nat comes up with an idea.
  4. He draws a large square in the air.
  5. We, from the couch, sing out, "TV show!"
  6. Nat nods, and then indicates three words with upheld fingers.
  7. We follow his gestures - first word; sounds like....
  8. Nat squats in the air and produces a constipated face;
  9. We guess, "Poo".
  10. On the nose - sounds like "poo".
  11. Second word; two syllables; first syllable...sounds like...Nat is peeling something...
  12. We shout "Peel!"
  13. Correct. Now Nat is frying something. Second syllable, he explains silently, "sounds like"...
  14. "Fry?" "Cook?" No, the thing he's holding. "Pan."
  15. I decide I've forgotten how many words there are. Syllables, sounds like...what's going on, it's midnight?
  16. Yes. Nat confirms the second word's second syllable sounds like "Pan".
  17. Nat directs our attention to the third word, first syllable. He taps his chest.
  18. "I" is the answer.
  19. Second syllable (of the third word), sounds like...
  20. Nat does a forward roll across the living room floor.
  21. "Roll?"
  22. Now we attempt to string together this mess; a TV Show? "Poo Peel-Pan I-roll?"
  23. Oh, that would be NZ Idol. Of course. What were we thinking? I mean, a "whole thing" (big circle with arms) charade with an air mic would have been too obvious.
  • Eating great volumes. Whether it be a breakfast fit for an apartment-load of men, dining out (Jitsu), or sampling a dish made by Nat (thanks for setting the table, Tim), I enjoyed the week's fare...mainly because of the company. Which brings me back to...
  • The "getting to know you stuff": I know I said it in the last post...but I have to say it again. My sisters "chose...wisely" (name that movie!) - it's been so good spending time with their chosen ones. What a great week...and what a great foretaste of frivolity to come in the festive season - hoorah! See you soon!
P.S. Nat - I know you spaced my Salt and Pepper shakers. It's okay...didn't phase me at all. AT ALL. Of course they're back nestled next to each other.
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