Friday, November 20, 2009


You really shouldn't play peekaboo on your way out of a room. I mean, it's fun for starters, sure, but eventually you're going to have to go do the thing you were leaving the room for - and what then? I'll tell you what - your baby waits. And waits.

Furthermore, now when I leave any room, she waits.

I could see Esky inside last night through the kitchen window as I unpegged washing - craning her neck in a tight arc from her back on the couch - watching the door I'd exited 5 minutes earlier - she remained transfixed on that frame until I reappeared through it, at which point she thrashed to and fro like a freshly-caught fish, only a fish happy about being caught...and capable of showing it. Peekaboo!

Today, when I returned from visiting an interesting elderly woman and her son, I was a little disappointed to see Esky asleep next to Haki on the couch. So much for most-anticipated peekaboo ever. Rats. "I'll get you some day!"

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