Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Pink Peg Princess

Gosh, what a ripper of a weekend! Bonfires, presentations, farewells...

...and COSTUME PARTIES! That's right, we went to another costume party Saturday.

Here is Esky - The Pink Peg Princess.

Some background:
A couple of weeks ago, a girl we shall call "Melody" personally delivered an invitation for my not -even-crawling-yet daughter, Esky. Talk about popular, the girl still plays "pancake" on the floor and she's got items in her social calendar.

(Like my Paint doctoring of her name? Oooooh yeah)

This was one of two such invitations. When I asked Melody if I would be permitted to attend with Esky's food supply (attached), she said, "Of coooo-oourse!" while making a "Silly you!" face. And that, my friends, is how I piggy-backed my way into the party of the decade.

The Costume:
What, with it being such an excluuuusive event, I knew I really needed to pull out all the stops when it came to what Esky would be wearing. After completing an inspiration wall of designer magazine clippings and numerous concept drawings, I affixed the pictured embellishments to Esky's nighty, shoes, and a cardboard pizza base-come crown.

I could tell from Haki's facial expression that he couldn't envision the ensemble making its way to a runway near you.

My thought process:
  • Esky will only wear it once;
  • She will chew on whatever I put her in;
  • She will most likely pull it apart;
  • If other children pull it apart, I don't want to care;
  • I lack funds for a pre-made costume;
  • My sewing skills are...not skills;
  • I've been busy playing with my brothers-in-law, and that's okay;
  • There are only two kids invited to this thing...and one of the invitations was to a five-and-half-month-old baby (the other to an 8-year-old boy - Chester);
  • Pegs are awesome; and
  • Alliteration is awesomeR.
Great stuff I want to remember:
  • The party had evolved to include more guests - Chester's little sister and a girl staying with Chester's family. Plus, Melody's little sister was there.
  • Esky grasped more of "Pass the Parcel" than I thought possible at her age - boy can she rip off newspaper layers!
  • Esky has not quite mastered the passing part of "Pass the Parcel". It's pretty much always Esky's turn to tear. Hey - you invited the 5-monther.
  • Esky won.
  • The prize was something Melody had decided to re-gift. In fact, her mother said, "Didn't you give that to your little sister this morning?" Reclaimed Indian-gifted re-gift.
  • Leaving without the prize...and knowing it is not in my house right now.
  • Watching Esky beat her first piƱata..."with a little help from [her] friends" (name that song!).
  • Playing "Stir the Soup" (much like musical chairs) with me as Esky's legs as she played from my lap...pretty much oblivious.
  • Seeing most of Esky's costume end up on the floor in a pile she tossed around...and feeling chuffed rather than thwarted.
  • Sunday, when Melody leaned over during primary and wiggled Esky's toe as she whispered, "Hello, Little Pink Peg Princess!" Liquid awesome.
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