Sunday, November 8, 2009

Primary Presentation OH-NINE

- my favourite Sunday of the year - today.

And what would this year's Primary Presentation be without these pearlers?
  • Rogan running at high speed from the stand down the aisle to the toilet...four times.
  • The girl in the front row who pulled her knees up to her chin to reveal her knickers.
  • The sweet, sweet soloists who melted hearts.
  • The boy who was prompted word for word by whispers in his ear - and he repeated his given lines word for whispers into the mic.
  • The lad who held up a picture of his family tree and read his talk from the back of it...that was, until he ran out of things to read, and then he just kept moving his lips.
  • Moo - the boy who marched away from the stand after reading his part - swinging his arms high in tight L-shapes.
Everyone involved added something special...but a special shout-out goes to our happenin' music leader - who not only did an incredible job of prepping those kids (memorised words = impressive!), but she also owned those exaggerated expressions and clever conducting cues, and "made them her own". Seriously, that calling comes with a unique mantle of kids'-showness-meets-pure-joy, and she wears it beautifully.

*Childrens' names have been replaced with pseudonyms.
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