Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Queen of Self-Restraint

  • 5 garage sales visited - all in Mosgiel, all within 25 minutes.
  • 5 items needed - a washing machine, dining suite, bed, lounge suite and large ottoman (instead of a coffee table - we embrace feet up and storage combined).
  • 71 things wanted - a shiny, 40-year-old accordian; a "one-time-used" gazebo; a toilet (Haki's mum needs one); a fully-fenced house with lots of decks and windows (for sale next to one of the garage sales); two flower-girl dresses; a stack of 50 patio tiles plus grout; a chess table; two soap dishes; a fluffy grey cat ("free to a good home", according to the man whose brother was given the accordian 40 years ago); a single bed duvet set; an old child's school-desk; a man's hoody - Haki's size; a wooden chair; one boardgame called Scruples; a retro kitchen table (not for sale); a set of three rectangular storage tins; and a fuzzy hand-puppet that squeaks.
  • 0 things purchased.
Back-pats welcome.
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