Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sabbath Amusements IX

Today I thought, "Surely the kiddilicks will be worn out from today's's unlikely I'll get a lot of witty material in the classes immediately afterwards".

  • During Music Time our pianist played "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock" with exuberance. As I performed the actions with the children I noted some of my neighbours were making quite a work-out of keeping up. As the song finished, the music leader confirmed what I'd observed by saying, "Wow, Sister J, you played that so fast!" Sister J gave a melodramatic shocked face as she offered an apology. And then, from the middle of the room, Moo stood and shook his fist in the air in her direction as he cried, "I'll get you someday!" If I could only have taken a photo for you. George Herriman's angry mouse will have to suffice. Moo =
  • Ten or so minutes later, Kennedy leaned forward and tapped me on the shoulder from behind. I turned my head and leaned towards him to hear him whisper, "We've been at church a long time now". I smiled in response and nodded slowly wearing my best, "And-later-we're-going-to-eat-you-face" (wide-eyed and leering). Somehow I don't think he got it, because he just leaned back into his seat and resumed singing.
  • During Sharing Time we were learning about how we can put our shoulders to the wheel in the family and avoid shirking responsibilities (like the song). The children brainstormed specific examples of ways they could help around the home - all of which were written onto wagon wheels which were fastened by pegs to a line to make a wagon of helping wheels. To consolidate the message, the lesson closed with children acting out answers from the wheels while the rest of the group guessed which suggestion was the subject of their charade. Everything was going well - "Doing dishes!" (You got it, well done, your turn!) "Cleaning your room!" (Awesome, good acting, that is another way you can help at home) "You're helping with the baby!" (That's right, he was helping with the baby) and then, while Chester was acting out his chore (making the bed), came the answer, "Being a bird?" Did Chester possibly look like he was doing that? Yes. Is there a chance the guesser completely forgot what we were acting? Affirmative. Is his answer especially funny to me when I seriously consider it as a suggestion of how to help in the home? Ab-so-lutely.
  • As time wound on, Roo (a.k.a. Wolfgang), getting a little squirmy, decided it was high time he did something to upset his little brother , Moo (the fist-shaker). Moo, in tears, accepted a nearby teacher's offer to receive a cuddle to make up for the twitchy elder brother's teasing. From the teacher's lap Moo pointed accusingly, "Stupid Roo!" Roo quipped back matter-of-factly, "I'm not stupid." Kennedy, sitting next to him - having witnessed the entire affair turned and remarked, "Yes you are" which Roo had no reply. It was at this point that I realised, yes, they were a little tired after starring in the day's sacrament programme.
  • Then came my confirmation - the little dears were worn out, as little Rogan could attest - all the excitement of being on the stand, then off the stand, then on the stand...well, he just crashed in the last 15 minutes and took an end-of-Primary nap sitting up. This time I did take a photo...but I don't have permission to share it here. So you'll just have to picture it. Not the same? Sorry. Come to primary!

*Childrens' names have been replaced with pseudonyms.
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