Monday, November 30, 2009

Sabbath Amusements XII

Two highlights:
  1. Remember last week? How Rogan repeated "example" over and over during closing exercises? Well, this week Kate was wrapping up Closing Exercises, and summed up the day's message; "So we can learn from our parents good example and do the things they did in our families some day in our own families..." which flipped Rogan's kill-switch, because he resumed his vocal demonstration from last week quick-smart; "Example! ... example! ... example!" That's right, give us your children, and we will programme them...apparently.
  2. A wee girl - that shall henceforth be known as "Sunny"- came from Nursery to Primary for the first time. Whenever Kate said, "Put up your hand and tell me..." or "Put up your hand if..." all she heard was "put up your hand", and so she promptly obeyed (like most Sunbeams do). When called upon however (like most Sunbeams), she never knew why she had her hand up. The second or third time she raised her arm to contribute, and was chosen by name, she had observed that following a child's name, they always seemed to say after Kate said, "Sunny?" she looked at her, looked around the circle of children, and then - mimicking what she'd observed and "playing along" as best she could - Sunny just uttered a syllable; "Guuuuuuh". She then sat back rather chuffed with herself. I smiled at our newest addition; you little contributer, you! AND another source of material...look out, Rogan - the Sabbath Amusement installment may no longer be yours.
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