Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Night Numbers

  • 3-5 - how many cookies I could have made out of the volume of dough I ate when I last made cookies (see above).
  • 11:12pm - the time tonight when I felt like eating s'moooore cookie dough.
  • 1 - the number of bowls of cookie dough I made.
  • 0 - the number of cookies that resulted from said bowl of dough.
  • 1 - unimpressed husband; "I thought we were having eggnog." (...he said, frowning as I sat with my cereal bowl and spoon. I'd forgotten I'd made this milky drink offer as soon as I was seized upon by the idea of making an eighth of a cookie recipe specifically for the eating of it.)
  • Maybe 10 - the number of times in my lifetime I have done this before. The idea felt new and revolutionary all over again.
  • 1 - large glass of eggnog for the bereft, treatless spouse.
  • 1/2 - the amount of eggnog the husband left for the sugar-mad wife - bonus.
  • 2 - number of raw eggs consumed in the course of this sugar fix.
  • 0 - number of babies baking in my oven.
  • 0 - guilt and concern for salmonella poisoning.
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