Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Three Men, Me, and a Baby

Nope, this is not a post with the skinny on polygamy, nor the sum-up of an 80s comedy.

It is about this week - and my brothers-in-law visiting to investigate business opportunities down in the Mosgy. As it turns out, like my dadio's, their visit has proven a chance to hang out - that's my dearest (Haki), my two sisters' husbands, Esky and me. (The Scotty is otherwise engaged...chortle).

Highlights thus far:
  • Seeing the men my sisters have married play Unc' to Esky with a genuine interest in her. This is the first time they've met our babe. I like this photo, because I think it looks like Nat (Mariah's man) is being chased by paparazzi. That, or like he's snatching my baby. Either way, there's an energy about it.

  • The "getting to know you" stuff (name that musical). It's been awesome to get to know these two special gents even better. This has also included them getting to know me better - manifest when I awoke to find my kitchen cupboards rearranged as a practical joke...they found my Achille's heel.
  • Hearing Tim (Erika's love) praise Mosgiel and Dunedin; "You can't just pick herbs at gardens in Wellington"..."The shopping trolleys are better in Dunedin"..."I'm loving this weather!" Here he is with the Mollywood sign - which he and Nat discovered has had barbed wire added to discourage photo shoots.

  • Viewing the photos the boys took when they borrowed my camera. Nat and Tim love a) cameras and b) posing. It's awesome. The result? Photos like this:
  • ...playing Scattergories - which deserves a bullet of its own, for sure. Tears of laughter, I tell you, tears. Forget this bullet business, I need to list within this list!

Answers I can't believe they scored for (after debate): "Frogs" for "Hobby" and "Freaks" for "Things that grow" (Haki further supported this assertion by saying, "They come out at night and they grow").

Answers I can't believe I got away with: "Kangaroo" for "Pizza Topping".

Answers I can't believe they disputed: "Nape" for "Body Part" - because someone else had "Neck", and they wouldn't let me take "Kinkiness" for "Things I'm afraid of".

Answers I can't believe struck out: For "Four letter words" Tim and Nat both wrote "Ants". Best friends, I don't know.

Best overall game moment: For "Desserts"....Angela: "Apple Crumble", Tim: "Arabian...oh wait....Desserts!"

I'll close with a revelation; while an Estate is "Something [I'd] save for", Haki is apparently working on an "Elevator" fund I don't know about.

P.S. Would you dispute "A. J. Hackett" as an answer for "Athlete"? I did well to have any answer for that category, let alone one I thought was appropriate. Tim was the only one who had my back on this one...although he added, "I don't know who he is, but based on what you're all saying, I agree with Angela".
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