Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blue is for Boys

Angela: I got new toothbrushes.
Haki: Aw yeah.

Angela: Did you know dental professionals recommend you replace your toothbrush every 3 months?
Haki grunts in response.

Angela: Well, they came in a 2-pack and were a really great price, and it's been way more than 3 months since we got our last ones.
Haki is silent.

Angela: So which colour do you want? Red or blue?
Haki: (very decisively, I might add) Red.

I spend the next minute reflecting on how Haki is breaking down stereotypes by choosing red, and how blue would be the cliché choice. My new-age man.

I place the two toothbrushes in the holder in the bathroom, and make a loud and resounding mental note, "Mine is the blue one".

Flashforward five days.

I join Haki in the bathroom to brush my teeth. I twist my head sideways, and speak to Haki's reflection in the mirror...

Angela: So you've been using the blue one, eh?
Haki: Rrrfllat? (mouth full of paste-suds)

Angela: You said 'red'.
Haki spits, returns the brush to its holder, and walks out.

I hear him get in bed.

I pick up the red brush and touch its bristles; stone dry.

This was my thought process as I pasted-up and brushed:
  • He doesn't care at all, does he?
  • Aw - my husband doesn't mind sharing spit-sticks.
  • Funny. He was using the blue one. I was using the blue one. Who knew?
  • Why didn't I know?
  • Is he skipping brushing his teeth?
  • I didn't hear him brush them before bed last night. In fact, I'm pretty sure he doesn't believe in night brushing.
  • I bet he'll have dentures some day.
  • Dentures cost a lot.
  • Haki is robbing us blind.
  • I can't believe he used the blue brush. Funny man.
  • Did a deep psychological need for "boy blue" override his whimsical selection?
  • Did he even know what he was choosing when I said "red or blue"?
  • At what point did he stop listening to my talk of toothbrushes?
  • Did he start listening?
  • I wanted red anyway.
  • Mmmm, the brush I'm using hasn't been used by anyone else.
  • I win.
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