Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DaFonts Don't Stop Coming

I made a mistake.

I followed a link posted on a blog I follow...

...to dafont.com.
What was I thinking?

If Vistaprint is stationery-lover's crack, dafont is a Fontaphile's black hole.

I'm lucky I made it out alive I tell you.

P.S. I made a rule I could view the first fifty pages of the category titled "Top". And that is what I did. And then a few others from "Themes". I only installed about 48 of them. I know, I could go back and grab them when I need them...but I want to keep them close to me...like teddy bears, only less smelly.

Proceed at your own risk...
Reverse alphabetical order even...how do you like them apples?

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