Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just call me "The Russian Doll"

It is my super hero name.

Today I packed more free-from-Pak'n'Save boxes into the Thimbamobile than the average human would think possible. In fact, more boxes than the above average human would think possible. I'd venture I packed more boxes into our vehicle than a very elite human could even conceive of feasibly fitting into a confined space.

It's like a giant 3D puzzle, I tell you; it's all about Russian-dolling those pre-assembled boxes in there.

That's right, yet another skill I can and will brag about...that won't be worth cinnamon.

"Why so, serious," about boxes?

We're moving again.

Yup, you read right, 6 shifts in 6 years just isn't enough, we wanna hit that critical seven-mark before our seventh wedding anniversary.

Rest assured, however, that the new top secret lair (a.k.a. lifestyle section) we're relocating our quarters to should hold us to the spot for at least four years. Five even? Maybe more. All I know is, my special box ability will no longer be required by my family for some time, so it can now be employed in the fight against evil.

- Dollface, over

P.S. There will be no auditions for my sidekick.

For those who said, "6? No! Surely not!" - I respond:

Read 'em and weep;

Homes Haki and I (and/or Esky and/or boarders) have lived in since we married in 2003:
  1. The Tuckerbox Flat - our tiny first flat, above a truckers' stop.
  2. The Villa - a furnished paradise we house-sat for a year, with my sister Erika present, and adorable.
  3. The "Art of the State" Bargain Apartment - a roomy, ex-state-housing property.
  4. The Fixaroo House - bought for cheap, sold for a notch above cheap.
  5. The MIL's Spare Room - Haki's mother's, that is.
  6. The Mosgiel Lovenest I - a two-bedroom blessing.
  7. The Mosgiel Maid's Quarters - the coveted apartment next door, complete with The Scotty and a larger kitchen.
- Dollface and Boxgirl, over and out.
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