Friday, December 11, 2009

Malapropism Heaven

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend Wolfgang's baptism. That's right, from here on out that boy's going to be accountable for the things he says.

His grandmother gave the first talk, which included an object lesson. It also included a number of rhetorical questions...which Wolfgang turned into normal questions by answering back (glorious, and so appropriate, given it's his day, after all). His grandmother explained that when we are baptised, our sins are washed away (she illustrated this by pouring water and stones - representing sins - through sieve-like paper; leaving the stones/sins behind).

She then asked another one of her questions; "Do you know what happens when we sin after we are baptised?"

Wolfgang: "Yes! You get executed and then you have to get baptised again!"


P.S. No, although we Mormons do some peculiar things, to be sure, we do not dunk dead people in water. Wolfgang was referring to "excommunication" - a consequence for very serious sins.

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