Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mozilla Mayhem

- A ranting tutorial for those suffering from similar -

As you may recall, I use Mozilla Firefox...with fondness. I don't want to use anything else. Ever.

Firefox is better. The end.

Today, however, old Gatesy and his ruffians attempted to thwart my use of this beloved browser. Oh yes indeedy, I said, "attempted" because I came out victorious.

Our family is home sick today. To counter missing out on the joy of Sunday elsewhere, I turned on the Christmas lights, cued the Christian carols...and got on the computer. I was just settling into the sweet embrace of reading feeds of friends and family, when Windows 7 threw up this message:

Why this is irritating:
Because, for me, the supreme improvement of Windows 7 is its set of visual elements. Aero, namely, is loverrrly. Robbing me of its features (translucence and live thumbnails, in particular) is a very wiley, dirty thing to do. Oh, I "[clicked] for more information" alright! And what was this surplus intel? Firefox was apparently incompatible with the eye candy of Windows 7.

To paraphrase;

Dear Windows 7 users,

Stop using Firefox! Stop it! Stop it, I say! Stop it!

Internet Explorer really is the only way.

Yours (please?),

My Options, as I saw them:
  1. Roll back the latest Microsoft Update - as Firefox was working just fine moments before the little balloon of evil appeared;
  2. Find a Firefox Add-on that patched the problem; and/or
  3. Leave flaming poop on Bill's doorstep.
Due to the likelihood that there will be more updates attempting to paralyse Mozilla-lovers (1), and the expense and security associated with item 3...I went with option 2.

Haki was made aware of my success when I cackled, "I'll show you Microsoft!" from my seat behind the laptop. I chose...wisely.

Find the details of what worked for me, below.

Suffering from the same problem?
(Has dear ol' Windows 7 thrown a tanty and reverted to the "Basic" color scheme because you are using Firefox?)

  1. Try on a few add-ons from Mozilla - I say "try", because the final look of your browser is a matter of personal preference. That, and functionality. Depending on what add-ons you already have installed and how you are currently using your toolbars, some add-ons will be better fits than others.
  2. You can disable one or more of your add-ons to test different combinations by accessing the add-ons list at Tools / Add-ons.
  3. Once you have found the combination that works for you, you may then choose to uninstall the unneeded add-ons from the same place.
I went with:
Strata RELOADED 2.2.0
Glasser Pojo 1.1.2

I tried, but had to uninstall:
NEW Glasser by SzymekPL

Welcome back peeka-ability and glassiness, I missed you.

Thus far, this has kept the sulky balloon and "Basic" settings at bay.

Encountered the same problem? What did you do?

P.S. Techno-phobe followers - add-ons will change your life. Click here to read which add-ons I recommend. Try one or two.
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