Monday, December 14, 2009

Puzzling Peoplets

Recently I was visiting Mandy, who, among many things, is the mother of Wolfgang (8), Moo (6), and Puddleduck (9).

While there, Mandy produced this beautiful puzzle as a gift for Esky.

"Thank you!" I exclaimed. I love wooden puzzles.

"It was Moo's. It's amazing - it doesn't even have any bite-marks!" she replied. (She was right, it didn't...please note the two Esky-sized tracks now forming a goatie on the buzzy bee.)

Wolfgang returned to the living room to see the puzzle in my hands - having missed my exchange with his mother.

Wolfgang: "You can have that for five dollars."
Me: "Wow, really? That's a bargain."
Mandy: "Wolfgang..."
Wolfgang: "Okay, you can have it for a thousand dollars!"
Mandy: "Wolfgang!"
Me: "You can keep your puzzle. Wait, isn't this Moo's puzzle anyway?"
Wolfgang: "Okay, two dollars."

Wolfgang then became distracted and lumbered off to amuse himself elsewhere. He reappeared behind Mandy moments later, and hung about as we ladies talked.

It was then that Esky chundered.

On the puzzle.

Wolfgang: "You can keep it."

Moo, the original owner of the puzzle, was off playing with pet rats and other things during this entire affair. But he did see us out. On the porch he saw I held his puzzle of years past in my hands, and Esky on my hip.

Moo: "You can keep it."
Me: "Oh, thank you! I'm so glad."
Mandy: "Yes, it's their's now. Moo, it's their's."
Moo: "You can keep it 'til Christmas!" (said with excitement, as though this was very, very generous)
Me: "Awesome."
Mandy: "Moo..."
Moo: "You can keep it, always."
Me: "Thanks!"
Moo: "It's okay if you lose a piece."

Phew - so glad we cleared up that he will not be taking inventory a few years from now.  Not that I'd be caught out...nopedy nope.

Bless those boys.
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