Monday, January 18, 2010

December Projects Sum-up

I couldn't post about them then, but now I can! Now I can!

During December (and amidst the packing-to-move and packing-to-travel chaos), I was making this:

And three of these:

And this:

  1. A glass cakestand. I felt I really hadn't made enough of these, after all. This was one of Yvonne's Christmas presents. I think I have gotten better and better at making these puppies. This one almost looks like a bought one? Right? RIGHT? Did I mention I took an entire class titled "Having a Crafty Christmas" - which featured a cakestand tutorial? I did.
  2. Three fish mobiles. One for each of my sisters, and one for that we can all suspend them above our babe's beds and somehow unite them via the fishline threads of the universe ("fishline" pun = awesome). I was mighty pleased to find the hand-painted fish for $1 for three at the Yaks'n'Yetis outlet store of South Dunedin. Oh no, do you like them less now, girls? Girls?
  3. A DVD Catalogue. My brother has 349 DVD titles (when one boxed set counts as a single title). I know this, because I asked Yvonne to photograph all of their DVD shelves and email me the shots. She did. She also humoured me by including subject lines akin to mine throughout the course of the operation...i.e. "Secret Squirrel" and "Shhhhh". I then typed in all the titles, auto-sorted them alphabetically, and handwrote each title onto a card I designed and uploaded to Vistacrack...this way I didn't have to do the actual alphabetising, I just wrote them on in order and filed them in. Inspired by library card catalogues of old, each business-card-sized filing card is used to "check out" DVDs. The second woven, black box (not pictured) has an "out" tab where these cards are filed, along with a stash of blank cards. My brother has a touch of CNP...and is precious with his movie collection. In the bottom right-hand corner I added a family monogram and the outline of five stars so they could rate their movies as they "hire" them.

I heart projects.
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