Saturday, January 16, 2010

Esky - Still Squishy

During our Christmas sojourn, my nephew leaned over to his mother, my sister (that is), and referring to Esky, asked, "Is she squishy?" My sister knowingly answered, "Yes Austin, she is squishy".

Squishy indeed. Although she can sit up and clap, no sweat, and has mastered many a milestone true to her age (approaching 8 months)...she is still, very, very squishy.

In other news, I have taken to calling her "The Ruskinator".
She likes it.

Not only do I employ the rusks in my fight against boxes, but more appropriately, to soothe Esky's teething-afflicted soul. The top row is coming in a multi-burst of three, presently.

A few other notes:
  • If Haki or I melodically say, "No, no, no, no, no", she shakes her head and smiles. She attempts to keep her eyes fixed on you, meanwhile. Well, most of the time we can rustle this one up...but that party trick seems to be reaching a natural end.
  • She slaps her thighs while Haki chants, "Haka haka haka!" (I felt it was my duty to inform him that it is very un-PC for girls to do the haka, and suggested we call her leg-slapping "The Hillbilly". He rolled his eyes in response.)
  • Esky now repeats back a lot of sounds..."Mumamuma" and "Nanana" being among her favourites. "Dadada" and "bababa" occasionally feature.
  • Wouldn't you know she's entering the good ol' "attachment" phase to coincide with a) our moving into a home that is no longer open plan, and b) my need to go in and out of the room the babe is in with greater frequency - due to the nesting. She whimpers when I'm out of sight. She leans towards me when she's in other people's arms. It's a phase.
  • I wouldn't say there's a thing that makes her giggle. She giggles over different things from hour to hour...and these things are discovered wholly by accident. Upon discovery, I usually repeat the giggle-inducing thing 2-3 times, chuckle to myself, and carry on my way. If present, Haki then always protests, "Why are you stopping? Why!?" and then has a turn, mimicking the giggle-inducing thing. Esky stares at him with a blank face. Blink blink. Then Haki flings his arms up in a miniature tantrum. This happens at least once every day.
  • In the mornings, I plop the squishy one on her tootsie and crawl towards the door of the room. I turn back and look over my shoulder, gesturing and calling, "Are you comin'?" and crawl out the door. Cue the whimper. Then I return, and repeat. Modelling is not working. I'm in no hurry, mind you, for the crawling to begin...but I feel it is my duty to encourage the lass. Today she started to imitate my charade by patting her hands on the ground, alternating hand to hand, as I crawled in a circle around her; note - there was a zero leg movement. Okay, there was rocking...but no crawling was happening.
  • She still buries her face in my chest to hide from people who greet her, but then pops back up for a grin...and repeats the hide. I find this delicious.
  • Lastly, not only has she shot above the 97th percentile lines on the Plunket height chart, she no longer fits "Crawler" nappies. She's in "Toddlers". Perhaps the last size should have been called "Squishy Pat-the-grounds" in her case, and this size, "Contemplating Crawling Naps". Thank goodness no one scans her diaper bag wording to assess her developmental stage. Okay, in her defence, she still gets around. She scoots on her butt now, (instead of her back, like days past), and twisting/scooting until she gets to her chosen destination.
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