Saturday, January 9, 2010

Franny Fantail

Since we moved out to our little slice of lifestyle heaven, I hear bellbirds in the morning.

And that's not all.

This is our bedroom window.

And that, is Franny Fantail.

She does this approximately 152 times a day.

Possible explanations I posited today, as I unpacked, with beak-to-glass ambient sound:
  • This home was previously tenanted by Cinderella.
  • Fantails find our window panes highly reflective and Franny is simply kissing her fantail-lover. Smooch smooch. "Okay, I'm really going this time." Smooch smooch. "No, you say good-bye first."
  • Some of the birds on the branch are sayin' that some worms are radioactive and the bird that catches those worms will transform into an adiantum bird that can fly through anything. A bird can dream. Tap tap. Tap tap.
  • Franny can see blue skies through that window, and the window on the other wall of bedroom, and thinks she can shortcut through the house-corner. This This
  • OR, most likely, Franny's nest of chicks is in the gutter above our window, and she is just returning to gag up the goods periodically. Her fantail friends call her "Franny No-aim". A gutter-nest, if you will. A nest of gagged goods and chick faeces. In our gutter. On our roof. Where we catch our drinking water. The water we drink from our roof, unfiltered.

5am Franny is not my friend, I might add. Nor are Franny's faeces. But she'll keep.

We love the country.
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