Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm baa-aack

I was gone, you see.

And no matter how overdone that title line is, it amuses me. It was funny when the Terminator said it*, it was funny when it was reused in horror films, and it is very, very funny every time Michael Scott says it.

Gone where?
  1. Firstly, packing for the move to our new home, which I now fondly refer to as "The Lighthouse".
  2. Secondly, packing for our trip up to be with my parents, siblings, and their spouses and children at the "Kapiti Christmas '09".That suitcase** is not enough close to half-full, I'll have you know. Packing suitcases laden with gifts is serious business. The secret to packing, uninterrupted:a.k.a.... "The Jolly Jumper." That nose crinkle is from me, by the way.
  3. Thirdly, being at the Kapiti Christmas.Yes, there are four fake moustaches in this being sported as a flavour-savour goatee (by none other than my husband. Why his tie is out and over his jersey is beyond me). Yes, that is one of my brothers-in-law you may remember from their visit late last year, front centre (shaking head), the other is taking the shot...Esky is present on my lap, as are my sisters, parents, one of my brothers and his wife, and all of the kiddilicks.
  4. Then moving.
  5. And finally, I was consumed by unpacking...and waiting for our new house to go hot. By "go hot" I mean "be connected to the internet". (I've been watching a lot from the action genre lately.)
Do not misunderstand me, however. Me being online, presently, does not mean phase 5 is complete. Oh-ho no. Yes, we can now browse TradeMe for furniture (we have next to none - the place we left behind was furnished), and check grabaseat for flights to the temple (and The Scotty's wedding, I might add)...and we can blog, and read blogs. This may or may not have anything to do with the rest of phase 5 (that would be, "unpacking") being incomplete. Ahem.

*For those who are thinking, "Uh, noooo, he said, 'I'll be back', which is quite different from your title line"...I say, "Don't mess with me - I know my Terminators". Yes, he also said "I'll be back," but in T3 he says "I'm back". This is funnier than T2's simple repeat of the line...and is pretty much on par with the other tribute in T3; "She'll be back". Yes, Haki and I recently staged a Terminator marathon. I regret re-viewing the first two. Potty mouths, I tell you. Speaking of James Cameron...Avatar is awesome.
**"That suitcase" is also one of my op shop finds. I made a trip to the Mosgiel Sallies for our luggage and came back full-handed with these beauties.
Total cost: $8.00
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