Tuesday, January 12, 2010

7 years

In amongst all of the packing, travelling, unpacking, bird visitors and gallavanting about (we tripped up to Christchurch over the weekend - oh, didn't we mention it?) - was our wedding anniversary.

Last Sunday, to be exact.

7 years.

The day's greatest gift would have to be Haki's heartfelt testimony and teary pulpit love profession. In second place, the sweet necklace he hung in the hallway of our new home for me to find. It has a delicate little heart set with a red stone suspended from a fine gold chain.

Thank you, honey.

Thank you also for informing me this week your name is never "Haki" to me, but rather "Honey" only. (If I slip up, and use the name he was given by birth, he eyes me as though I have spoken poison to his ears, and cries, "Don't call me that!")

Thanks to Morning Sky Greenery for the Jack-in-the-pulpit image.
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