Friday, January 22, 2010


When Haki saw this picture of Esky, he said, "Cuuuute!" Which was expected. Then he honed in on what exactly made this picture a winner, in his mind; "Look at those little feet!" Yes, the cherub was shoe-less.

I should have known.

Haki has a fascination with feet. Namely, Esky's feet. My hot, super-sexy feet barely get a look-in. I've told you, long ago, Haki disapproves of my high arches.

And now I know why. Because chubby, barely-fit-into-shoes-because-they're-as-tall-as-they are-long-feet are much more his type.

As a result of his infeetuation with tender toes and supple soles, this is a sight I regularly come upon in our home:

It's like a crime scene, I tell you.

A pre-cursor to coming upon strewn socks, is to hear Haki preying upon his unsuspecting victim with onomatopoeia.


[maniacal laughter from the husband]


And it is then that I know that my dear daughter's socks have been popped. I need not be in the room to know Haki's fingers have formed pincers and have tugged on the toes of the little one's socks, in time with the exclamations I've overheard.

Later, when I retrieve the tiny coverings that held her beauty bound - either strewn across the floor, or after rummaging amongst blankets / couch covers / car rubble to find one sock's match - I shake my head at his habit.

But then, can I really blame him?

Look at Esky's feet. They really are worthy of attention.
Just like her mother's.

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