Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kapiti Christmas Highlights

  • Playing late-night Pictionary with a table-full of people as competitive as I am.
  • Even better - winning Pictionary. The legend of "Team Angaki" lives on.
  • Taking Esky to the beach for the first time, and being surrounded by family building sand castles and swimming.
  • Even better - seeing my nephew (Theo) hold up a cracker for his mother's approval - his face was screwed up, because he could see sand on the morsel he was keen to eat; then listening to Mariah assure him it was okay if there was a little sand on it, he could eat it anyway; and finally, seeing him dunk and scoop up sand on the cracker like it was dip, and plough it into his mouth.
  • Attending our family variety concert on Christmas Eve in the chapel multi-purpose room - because our living room just isn't big enough of a stage anymore.
  • Even betterrrrrrrrr - watching my two adult sisters, perform the entire "Thriller" routine for their item. With music. And make-up. And costumes.
  • Seeing my parents surrounded by their posterity, switching between glowing with joy and glowing with anxiety-sweat - one house; 19 people (including four under-15 months and three 2-year-olds).
  • Eeeeeeeven better - being relegated to a tent outside due to the overcrowding - yesah, first family camp-out with Esky!
  • Seizing the opportunity to hiff out 6 boxes of junk my parents were storing from my not-so-glory days.
  • Even bettAAAaaaa - finding a time capsule I made for myself amongst it consisting of a number of amusing keepsakes (read about some of its contents here and here).
  • Watching my husband and brothers-in-law, sitting cross-legged, playing with my nephew's Bop-it toy by the Christmas tree.
  • Even better -that my nephew didn't mind sharing.
  • Finally seeing Jeremy, Yvonne and their kids react to the gifts I'd carefully prepared.
  • Even better (I don't care what people say) - receiving the incredible gifts Erika had carefully prepared - including a handmade quilt (with our family name in script along one side), handmade rice-bags, a car kit for Haki, home-made gingerbread and marshmallows, vinyl transfer stuff for future projects, adorable shoes and woollen hoody for Esky...and so much more. Box...of...treasures!
  • Shopping in my "first love" op shop in Waikanae. I can't think of an "even better" for that. That special reunion may get a post and photos of its own.
So, that's most of the things on my list, done...and most of the things I seconded on Mariah's, done... with "Visit the temple" and "See if I can still tickle Erika until she has to pee" being the two things I was most disappointed not to fit in. Next time.

All that, AND we saw Avatar. In 3D. Ignore Nat, it's totally awesome.

*Picture 1 - The view from the deck, our sleeping quarters at front, blessed Kapiti at back. Erika is clipping Austin's fingernails. Bless. Picture 2 - J-mischief and more Kapiti.
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