Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Last Piece of Cake

  • 4:43pm - I look at the clock in the kitchen. Haki usually comes home around 5:00pm. I figure it's time to get things the awesome wife - the wife that has dinner on the table when her husband walks in. Best check he's on schedule so that my good intentions are not thwarted.
  • 4:44pm - I send Haki a text message consisting of three letters and a question-mark; "ETA?"
  • 4:44pm - Haki replies he isn't sure of when he will be home.
  • 4:46pm - I chop shallots. I lay the noodles out on the bench. Makings for Midnight Spaghetti - check.
  • 4:48pm - I decide I need one more piece of cake to tie me over until dinner. I eat a piece. It is the second-to-last piece of cake.
  • 4:54pm - I size up the last remaining piece of cake in its tin. I decide I will save it for Haki.
  • 4:55pm - I commend myself.
  • 4:56pm - I think the last piece of cake looks nice. And tasty.
  • 4:57pm - I count how many pieces of cake I have already had. I resolve not to tell anyone the number. I also decide the last piece of cake really belongs to Haki.
  • 5:00pm - I reflect on how the cake was a "birthday cake". My birthday cake.
  • 5:01pm - I decide I want the last piece of cake.
  • 5:01pm - I realise I cannot possibly eat it now. Dinner so soon, a rich only just devoured moments ago...
  • 5:21pm - I hide the last piece of cake.
Sorry, honey.
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