Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Murder Mystery Party Action

Not too long ago, we attended a Murder Mystery Party, hosted by Melody's parents a.k.a. "our dear, dear friends". The same friends who hosted the Famous Couples Costume party we went to back in October. Good hosting humans, eh?

There were three couples in attendance, and all came in costume and character.

Amongst our number...Haki was the Chinese house cook, "Chew Chow" (I chortle even now at the name. Oh, there's more where that came from...)

(Like how this picture is taken in The Lighthouse, full of boxes? This is why the post starts with "Not too long ago" instead of, "Last night..." - because I was not posting then. At all.)

Craig was a slimy retired (read: dismissed) detective, "Him Wong" (chortle chortle), complete with a crayon moustache and angled eye make-up;

...he was also an excellent host;

Highlights of the evening:
  • Hearing best-effort accents slip in and out;
  • When Haki was asked where he got his chef's hat, he replied, "It's just made out of three bits of A4 paper! It's that simple. I know! Amazing, right?" I looked at him quizzically. He took the cylindrical mantle off and examined it. "Two pieces of A4 paper!" Simple.
  • Watching our host and hostess enter and exit routinely to see to their two daughters whilst maintaining their aliases as best they could.
  • Seeing Haki demonstrate how to use chopsticks for the company.
  • When I finally understood why Paula's character, a nurse, was called, "Penny Sylan" - and shared my realisation out loud.
  • Did I mention Craig's moustache was drawn on in crayon?
One guess who the murderer turned out to be...

P.S. Those bookshelves in the background there are colour-coded. "[I'm] your inspiratioooon..."
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