Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our New House - "The Lighthouse"

Here she is:

Isn't she beaUUutiful?

Today I've reached a state of equilibrium. By that, I mean I have resumed normal chores in addition to my "nesting work" and I am finding phone calls less inconvenient...that is, because I am no longer unpacking and nesting at full throttle.

Even though we have moved, some things about this place are just the same;
  • I still love rubbish day...and rubbish day is Thursday. I had to order a recycling bin because this place didn't come with one. In the interim, I stockpiled my recyclables in boxes and bags. It was glorious.
  • Haki and I still play "Blap!" at the front door. In every house I can remember, I attempt to slap Haki on the butt while he unlocks the door. He attempts to block my slap - thus the game's name (coined only recently, approve?). This game is a winner on many levels; 1 - Haki is occupied, and I have a greater chance of success and feeling coordinated, fast, and awesome; 2 - Haki does a very, very amusing face when he blocks my slap - making it a victory to miss, also; and 3 - The game distracts me, who has a tendency to become impatient - if it's raining...or my hands or full...or I need to pee. I'm a little less anxious for him to unlock the door when I know our stoop is a gaming arena. When we arrived at this house's threshold together and Blap! played out, I felt for the first time this was now our home.
  • And just in - changing our address with every company, organisation and human that mails us is still not fun.
  • The Jolly Jumper and rusks are my friend; two secrets to getting unpacked.
Some things are new;
  • ...and bigger. Like the house. I can run in one door of the living room and out the other. Or I can go out onto the deck and reappear through the front door and the back of the lounge. Peekaboo has been taken to a whole new level.
  • Grass - and plenty of it. Bye bye low-maintenance tile patios, hello half an acre for Haki to mow and Esky to crawl on, smell when cut, taste-test, run across, and get stains from.
  • Having a basement. While I'll miss being inside our Sci-Fi storage unit, I won't miss... making trips there just because I need to access our food storage...or our camping equipment...or to spill sugar, for example. I love dry basements. Dry basements make for a clutter-free home. Also, our basement scares Haki a little. Oh, he'll deny it if you ask him, but I know the truth. One night I retrieved something, and he said, "Where was that?" I explained it came from a box in the basement. Haki continued, "You went down there? At night?" I proudly confirmed I had, AND I added that I had been forced to feel my way around the walls to find the light switch for the first 5 minutes because I'd never had to turn the lights on down there before. Haki looked at me with admiration. I'm sure, with time, he will become as brave as me...and then he'll hear the sound the water pump makes, and how it echoes from the bowels of the Underplace...and he'll imagine that it is the sound of bodies being cut to pieces with a power saw. It happens. And that's exactly what it sounds like, I'm sure. Then we'll see how brave he is.
  • Opening the curtains in my underwear. Let this bullet also count as a warning. Why? Because our section is private - I see no need to get dressed before letting the light stream in. Plus, I'm pretty sure that's what all those birds I can now hear are singing, "Let the light in! Let the light in!"
  • Lacking furniture - that's new. Our last place was furnished - meaning there was furniture. This place was not - meaning we spent the first week using boxes as tables, nightstands, and shelves...and we slept on the floor until angels delivered a bed to us.
  • Having furniture we purchased. After the short-lived box stage, we made a trip to Christchurch to pick up some furniture we bought on TradeMe. All of our furniture previous to the furnished apartments was given to us, used, by friends and church members who were up-sizing. This is the first time we own big big stuff we bought...although, now that I think of it, it's still second-hand.

I'm left with a few questions.
  • Why is Haki using the red toothbrush now?
  • Is it acceptable to boycot dishes on the basis that unpacking, watching Esky, cooking dinner, and doing washing are sufficient day-fillers? What about for more than one night? As in, letting them build up on the counter. Okay, a week? I did them all this morning though, okay?
  • So more than one of you has condoned cake for two consecutive meals - via comments, text messages, and phone calls. Thank you for your kind words of sympathy during this difficult time. about two slices first up, two for lunch? Same fare...just double the dose. Still okay? Too late.
  • Do I put my lenses in the bathroom or the bedroom? What do you do, fellow lense-wearers? Risk sink-loss or brave the dark while Esky sleeps? Hmmmm? It only will affect me twice a day for the rest of forever, is all. Okay, for as long as we live in The Lighthouse. I'll be interested to see who surfaces as a lensey...we're sort of like a secret society, after all.
  • Where's Franny? I haven't seen her for days. I'm worried.
  • Is it Indian-giving if the gift recipient didn't know they received anything? I baked cookies for the neighbours., and convinced Haki to accompany me knocking on the two doors with the babe. When we found neither's occupants home, we left the goods sweetly wrapped with an introductory note in their letterbox. I wondered if they'd risk eating them, with anthrax 'n' all (I shook my head after thinking it, don't worry). After returning from our trip to Christchurch, I discovered one neighbouring family still hadn't collected theirs from their box. We couldn't leave them there, right? In fact, I'd go so far as to say it would be rude to leave mouldy cookies in someone's letterbox. Who knows how long they'll be away?
  • Is it okay to eat a plate of cookies after they've been outside in a letterbox all weekend?
  • Are sparklers really only "just for kids"? Because that's what Haki told me when I held a pack up wide-eyed on New Years Eve. Party pooper.
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