Saturday, January 30, 2010

The WC Colour Conundrum

A recap:
  1. I bought two new toothbrushes. One was red.; one was blue.
  2. I asked my husband, Haki, which brush he would use.
  3. Haki said, "red."
  4. So I used blue.
  5. I caught Haki with the blue brush in his mouth.
  6. I switched, happily, to the apparently unused red.
  7. We moved house.
  8. I caught Haki scrubbing his grills with the red.
An update:

I bought a pink toothbrush.


Caught - pink-handed.
There was much head-shaking, of the confused disbelief variety...and a fair amount of frothy snickers.

He does this to torment me.

I'm 76% certain.

That other 24 percent? ...wonders if he is genuinely ill with a case of the late-night confusees.

A sum-up:

I may attach a bell to my next brush.
Or a mini-taser.

P.S. So I guess the verdict on the new home for my lenses is out. Alert the press (I roll my eyes at myself).
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