Thursday, February 11, 2010

Four Follow-ups

  1. The Ruskinator still loves rusks. But sleep proved to be too strong a force on the day, even in the face of her great love of uber-hard teething sticks. She was gnawing to the head-nodding end, I tell you...the very end.
  2. I got three parcels this week. I pretty much sent them to myself. It's all part of what makes Vistaprint nectar to me - cheap stationery...parcels...what's not to love? I now have 100 fill-the-blank gift certificates of my own design, 250 supplementary cards for the DVD catalogue I designed my brother, a "car magnet" (read:large, light, loverrrrly magnet) I designed a Family Home Evening assignment chart on (it's the most beautiful thing I've ever created, with the exception of Esky), a new return address stamp for The Lighthouse, a lawn sign indicating which home is ours (for the shared drive-way), and a set of self-designed "Thank-you" cards. I commit to ordering no further items from Vistaprint least a month. Oh, and the third parcel (because all of that only made up two), was my "Help Haiti Rise" T-shirt - 100% of the proceeds of which go to Partners in Health.
  3. I'm still sick. Ba-bow.
  4. While we were away last week, I encountered someone else with my special ability. No, not tree climbing (it's fair to be confused, I have so many) - I am referring to my "Russian Doll" mantle. One of Haki's friends from his mission in the Philippines, as it turns out, is also a true master of boot-stuffage - that is "trunk-stuffage," for your Americans. Incredible. I discovered our common talent when he picked us up from the Auckland airport, and proved thereafter that he could fit all of our bags, us (two adults and a babe, with carseat), himself and his wife, and a bassinet in their car for the drive to Hamilton. His wife was tongue-tied at the sight of it. Muggles. /eye roll. Despite the importance of super heroes travelling incognito, I felt this man proving his kindred power entitled him to learning my true identity. I disclosed my super hero name, to which he replied that Tetris had given him all the training he needed.
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